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Jets sign fourth-rounder Chris Herndon

Quarterback Sam Darnold was the first of six Jets draft picks this year and he’s now the last one without a contract.

The Jets announced that tight end Chris Herndon has agreed to a four-year deal with the team. Herndon was selected in the fourth round with the 107th overall pick.

“Any time I’m in the same breath with the greats,” James said about passing Abdul-Jabbar, “I know you guys hear me say it over and over, it’s just humbling.”

Maybe no one is saying it enough.

Here’s breaking down how good things look for the Eagles’ quest to repeat based on all the games they will play in 2018.

Toughest tests: The Eagles have to face four playoff teams on the road, including the fellow division-winning Rams, Saints and Jaguars. The NFC East might seem down, but it’s always trickier than it appears. Philadelphia came through in many of its close, tough games last season. It will need to do the same to come close to 13-3 in 2018.

Biggest breaks: The Eagles will be favored in every home game, and they draw the rematch of the NFC championship against the Vikings there, too. Getting the Giants and Redskins twice each is a nice built-in divisional advantage. The Eagles also are a much better team than the Colts or Buccaneers.

The Houston Rockets, tied 1-1 in the best of seven NBA Western Conference Finals, meet the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 on Sunday, May 20, 2018, at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

The Rockets are led by guard James Harden, who averaged 30.4 points per game in the regular season. The Warriors are led by small forward Kevin Durant, who averaged 26.4 points per game, and guard Stephen Curry.

We’ll have up-to-the-minute scoring and stats here throughout the game. Check the scoreboard above and click on the stats link. ravens_099

Two teams that could fight for Will Hernandez’s services are the Panthers and Broncos.

“It wasn’t healing and we needed surgery,” Martin says, “He told me, ‘If you had come to me right away, I would have given you the option to have surgery and you would have been back in six weeks.’ And I probably would have been fine for the Olympics. So we wasted all that time. At that point, I would rather not have heard that.” The U.S. men won silver in a thrilling gold-medal game against Canada — without Martin.

He left New Jersey after the 2009-10 season in hopes of winning a Stanley Cup, but his free-agency options dwindled down to two teams: the Los Angeles Kings and Pittsburgh Penguins. He chose the Penguins, who were only a year removed from winning the 2009 Stanley Cup.

At each of his stops, Martin learned something about himself. In New Jersey, for the first 38 games, his defensive partner and road roommate was Scott Stevens, who taught him what it took to be a pro. (Stevens would stop playing mid-season and eventually retire as he dealt with post-concussive symptoms). Hall of Fame defenseman Larry Robinson was Martin’s position coach. The blue line also featured Scott Niedermayer and Brian Rafalski.

“If you were a young defenseman in the league, there was nowhere better to learn,” Martin said.

If Denver trades back with Buffalo, Hernandez could be the pick at No. 22.

The Jaguars, a team not used to picking so late in the first round, are expected to look at three positions: offensive guard, receiver and tight end. Oregon guard Tyrell Crosby, Texas A&M receiver Christian Kirk and South Carolina tight end Hayden Hurst are the three I believe they’ll consider most at those positions.

The Eagles would like to trade out of the 32nd overall pick. They like Kolton Miller, but he won’t be available. They will consider running backs Derrius Guice and Sony Michel but would rather move back into Round 2 in order to take them.

Will Bills or Dolphins jump Jets for Mayfield?

It’s been nearly a month since PFT explained that the league insiders suspect that the Jets will be taking quarterback Baker Mayfield with the third overall pick in the draft. With the selection process only four days away, the lingering belief that the Jets will make a beeline for Mayfield raises a separate question: Will the Bills or the Dolphins make a move to No. 2 with the Giants in order to grab him first?

The Bills have been trying in recent weeks to push back against the widespread belief that the Bills are destined to move into the top five to pick a quarterback, possibly because they realize that making that move will require major draft capital. Once the Giants are on the clock, however, it will be time for the Bills and Giants to move toward their bottom-line positions, and either a deal will happen or it won’t. (Duh.)

The Knicks have made some questionable hirings throughout their 21st century malaise — most a result of bringing in former players — so it wouldn’t be that ridiculous for them to at least consider hiring World Peace, if he were serious. It’s unlikely, of course, and given his humorous nature on social media, World Peace is almost certainly kidding. But at least he has the right basic principles in mind.

It’s a really good question.

Whether we’re talking about Los Angeles’ ability to bring pressure up front, or the team’s insane trio of defensive backs now that Talib and Peters have joined Robey-Coleman, Lamarcus Joyner and John Johnson III in the backfield, it’s going to take some very precise execution from opposing offenses to make anything happen through the air.

The Heat brought back Wade for nights just like this. He’s no longer quick enough to earn his old nickname, Flash. If anything, his value now is in settling the team, slowing things down and mentoring the Heat’s younger players.

“He’s still one of the best players, but he slows everyone down,” Heat forward Josh Richardson said. “When he has the ball, it’s like he has his own pace. He never gets sped up … I hope I get to that point one day.”

Josh Sitton, like many players, unsure about new helmet rule

Last week, the NFL unanimously passed a dramatic rule change, broadly banning the lowering of the helmet to initiate contact with an opponent. No one knows what this really means, and no one will know until the league office shares with owners more details about the new rule in the coming weeks and months.

For now, Sitton and the rest of us just don’t know what will happen. But what we do know is that the NFL’s owners heard something last week that sufficiently motivated them to give the league office one of the biggest blank checks the league office ever has had — the ability to craft a rule that could end up being a hiccup or a revolutionary change in how the game is played or anything in between.

However it plays out, bet the over. The league wouldn’t have secretly crafted a broad rule and pushed it quickly through the process without any meaningful external analysis or scrutiny if the league didn’t plan to make this a major change to the game. And it could dramatically change the run game as we know it, since plenty of players in the tackle box lower their helmets to initiate contact.

Marinovich reportedly was arrested on March 19, posted bail, and was arrested again on March 23. He has not been released.

The arrests come at a time when Marinovich remains on probation for a 2016 arrest, which happened when he was found naked in a stranger’s backyard, with a paper bag containing drugs and syringes.

Marinovich returned to football last year, playing in a developmental league at the age of 48. He spent two seasons in the NFL, starting a total of eight regular-season games and one playoff game.

As everyone (including the NFL’s coaches) wait to hear more (anything) about the new rule that prohibits lowering the helmet and initiating contact with it, Jaguars safety Barry Church is concerned that, when the new rule is implemented, it will result in a rash of fouls.buccaneers_101

Mike Iupati takes a pay cut from Cardinals

The Cardinals have to pay for all those new quarterbacks (and new offensive linemen) somehow.

It appears part of the plan is giving haircuts to the ones left behind.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, Cardinals guard Mike Iupati has agreed to a $3 million pay cut this season.

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It’s impossible to say what happen with Jimmy Garoppolo New England and whether or not the Patriots look to turn him into draft pick gold.was moved to tight end to give him a better shot of making the roster and undrafted rookie Braedon Bowman has made a big impression on coaches far this offseason.native stands a solid 6-foot-4 lbs.He also has a rocket of a slap shot, as well as excellent wrist shot and good release.One of the anchors on the first floor be oncologist, which have space for a mobile PET scans and expansion space for radiation treatments the future, Phillips said.It’s really tough.

Nobody is offering enough to appease Boras.HB 4117: Change the license eligibility for insurance producer to allow denial of license if a person is convicted of a felony involving a breach of trust.this ongoing hiring saga, we’ve got another name to add to the list.I’m not suggesting you old, but. ..

The Titans will bring back most of the regulars from their defensive line in 2018 with DaQuan Jones potentially on his way out as a free agent.

In the front, National Geographic plays on the TV. (Volume on high.) In the back, there’s a state-of-the-art bar. (The bottle of Jack Daniels is nearly empty.) On all walls, jerseys are in glass cases, from Mathieu’s No. 14 and No. 7 at LSU to good friend Patrick Peterson’s No. 21 with a long, personalized message Sharpied on the numbers to—why not —a LeBron James high school jersey.49ers_159

Former NFL running back O.J. Simpson detailed how he would have

Simpson was asked about removing a glove before taking a knife from Charlie, and continued to say he blacked out.

“I had no conscious, I have no memory of doing that. But obviously I must have because they found the glove there,” Simpson said.

“I watch nothing of me,” Simpson said.” I didn’t watch the [Fox special Sunday night] because I knew they were all haters, and people will say things that are just not true, and there’s nobody there to challenge them, and that would piss me off.So why It’s a beautiful day. I’m about to go play golf. Why should I have some crap in my mind You’ve got to let it go.”

In 1995, Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife and Goldman. Two years later, Simpson was found liable for their deaths in a civil trial and was ordered to pay over $33 million to the families of the victims.

Below are some more clips from the Fox program.

“Me and Logan together man, I got the fast guy, he got the biggest guy,” Butler said during his introductory press conference, per the Tennessean’s Jason Wolf. “We’re going to communicate when the bunches come up. We’ve just got great communication and great chemistry over the three years we played together.”
With new schemes being installed on both offense and defense, it’s an ideal time for the Colts to have an infusion of young players. This is a trade that helps facilitate that.

Ballard pointed to the Colts having opportunities to select seven players within the first two rounds in 2018 and 2019 as a result of the trade. That’s seven potential starters if Ballard and his scouts nail the picks.

The trade also provides flexibility for additional moves, if the Colts see fit. With three second-round picks this year, the Colts have the resources to trade back into the latter half of the first round if a prospect they covet falls.patriots_109

Stephen Curry leads Warriors past Clippers in final meeting of regular season

Curry was in dagger mood, executing clutch heroics.

With center DeAndre Jordan switched on him at the top of the key, Curry drove right and hit a contested 3-pointer with five seconds left in the half. But on this occasion, there was a little bit too much time left on the clock as Danilo Gallinari received an inbounds pass and nailed a half-court heave to end the first half.

The Clippers stayed in it, erasing what was an 18-point second-quarter deficit.

Greg Wyshynski, senior writer: Patrick Maroon has two obvious virtues: a contract that carries a $1.5 million cap hit, which is remarkably low for a guy with 14 goals in 56 games, and a contract that expires after this season, so there’s no multiyear commitment the way there is with Mike Hoffman or Max Pacioretty.

After that, it’s a matter of perception. There’s no question that Maroon’s numbers are a product of playing with Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl — he has played more than 827 minutes with them at 5-on-5 during the past two seasons. At last check, only one team in the NHL has a Connor McDavid, with due respect to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs. So one way to look at it is that Maroon is a product of Connor and Leon.

Another way of looking at it is that he’s talented and effective enough not only to hang with them but also to excel without them. His 63 even-strength points are third best for the Oilers over the past two seasons. His physical game fits well with two of the most talented players in the league, and he could replicate that in another team’s top six.

While the time spent interviewing and learning about the different sports involved in the Winter Olympics is educational for Duvernay-Tardif, he still couldn’t help but take a seat in stands and be a fan of his fellow countrymen at times, despite being a famous athlete himself.

“When Samuel Girard won the 1,000-meter on the short-track speed skating, that was an epic moment. I was off duty, we were done shooting and I walked in with my producer at the end of the day, right when the final was starting, and the next thing we know he’s dominating the race and he’s winning. It was crazy,” Duvernay-Tardif said.

“Then the next day, 24 hours after the race, I got an interview with him and we talked about the different ways you can pass without getting penalized and we’re basically going through a race with each other and then I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, that guy is the best in the world and I get a chance to spend 30 minutes with him.’”

There are pretty clear buyers and sellers in the Pacific Division — and then there are the division-leading Golden Knights. Will they go all-in during their wondrous inaugural season? Here are the key assets, cap space and game plan for all eight teams.nike_49ers_877

The Browns’ touchdown drive was set up by corner Jason McCourty who stripped Giants running back Paul Perkins inside New York territory.

The Browns recovered the ball on the Giants’ 25-yard line and were able to punch the ball into the end zone three plays later. A 16-yard Kizer pass to fullback Danny Vitale helped set up the rookie quarterback’s eventual touchdown.

The Chiefs are good enough to win the surprisingly feeble AFC West but simply aren’t good enough to challenge the Patriots or Steelers for AFC supremacy. Their 1-4 downward spiral since the 5-0 start has made that clear. If this continues, would the Chiefs ever consider a late-season switch from Alex Smith — who certainly did not resemble an MVP candidate Sunday — to QB-of-the-future Patrick Mahomes?

The Chargers are approaching respectability, with wins in four of six games since their 0-4 beginning. The Bills’ QB follies certainly helped last weekend. Now comes a Thanksgiving matchup with the extremely vulnerable Cowboys.

Finishing .500 would be nice. But really, it’s all about what happens next with Coach Jay Gruden and QB Kirk Cousins. The Redskins have total control over the decision with Gruden. They can keep him if they want, and they should. Unfortunately for them, their past sets of negotiations with Cousins have put that situation somewhat out of their control, given how costly a third straight franchise tag would be.

Todd Gurley is very unlikely to be the league’s MVP. It’s difficult to imagine the award going to anyone but Tom Brady. But Gurley is having a terrific season and he certainly belongs in the conversation.

QB Dak Prescott hasn’t been very good in the absence of suspended RB Ezekiel Elliott. If Prescott wants to be considered a true franchise QB, he must rise to the occasion at times like this. Yes, the offense is built around Elliott. But Prescott must find a way to make this offense — and this team — his.

Coach Mike McCarthy’s faith in Brett Hundley was rewarded with a much improved performance Sunday night in Pittsburgh by the young QB. Unfortunately for McCarthy and the Packers, it wasn’t rewarded with a win.chargers_079

Offensive Line of the Week: Eagles’ unit paves way for Nick Foles

In today’s fantasy-obsessed football world, it’s easy to overlook the contributions of one position group: offensive line. Well, NFL Network analyst and former Pro Bowl center Shaun O’Hara is here to fix that. Following each batch of games, O’Hara will revisit the O-line performances of all the teams that played and ultimately select that week’s top unit, headlined by a Built Ford Tough Offensive Line of the Week.

Or, General Manager Jerry Reese, Coach Ben McAdoo and offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan could squeeze out another year (or two) from Manning and instead elect to shore up an offensive line that has been below average, per Pro Football Focus. After Sunday’s loss, the Giants rank 22nd for pass-blocking and 23rd for run-blocking, giving them the 10th worst offensive line in football.

Lillard gave Portland a 93-86 advantage with a 3-pointer, but the Nuggets rallied to take a 97-95 lead on Mason Plumlee’s dunk. CJ McCollum made two free throws and Lillard hit a running bank shot to give Portland a 99-97 lead with 41.7 seconds left.

He was fouled on the play but missed the free throw.

“What bothers me the most is I’ve got to make that free throw,” Lillard said. “We were in position to win. Everybody contributed to us being in that position and I’ve got to be able to shut the door on them.”

Murray’s three-point play with 33.6 seconds remaining gave Denver back the lead. The Trail Blazers had two chances to go back in front but couldn’t convert. Barton hit two free throws, and after Nurkic’s dunk, sealed it with two more foul shots with 1.8 seconds left.patriots_030_04217e0d170be805-180x180

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is out with a broken collarbone.

Maybe the NFL hasn’t had your full attention this season. We get it, you’re busy. But now it’s Thanksgiving, and you don’t want to feel left out of the NFL conversation.

I mean, it’s not even July yet and already has practiced more than ever did as a Bengal.That’s the coach-player relationship.Beck came on to get the last two outs, including the little popup that caught behind first base to end the game.Bowen said the Knicks already have a player they need to create a winning culture.

That might have something to do with the fact that Bill Belichick traded Jones away to Arizona even after the linebacker put up a career high 12.5 sacks in 2015, his fourth season in the league. At this point some folks tend to assume that if Belichick trades a guy, something must be wrong with him. But if anything, Jones has only gotten better since he arrived in Arizona.

Hawley started the but with Smoot behind him it metastasized as lobby groups shoehorned their products into the , eventually proposing higher tariffs on more than 20 imported goods.Postmedia wants to improve your reading experience as well as share the best deals and promotions from our advertisers with you.I’m a big believer our players and I know it hasn’t always looked pretty, but we’re playing the games the way we feel we need to play them.You go out and play great hockey.McDavid brushed aside the suggestion that he’s going to be passed the mantle of best player the game from Crosby, but no less of authority than Gretzky supports the idea.

The Chargers do not have a good record. They currently sit at 4-6 and are two games behind the 6-4 Chiefs. However, in an odd off-year for both the AFC and the West, in particular, the Chargers are still alive in both the division and the wild card races.

Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense struggled to finish drives with a trip to the end zone last week against the Eagles.

Albeit one who went undrafted and arrives with a bit of baggage.We’ll have to what shakes out this week and next.The adjustment leads to more open perimeter shots and gives players like and Deron a better chance isolation.The go-ahead goal was scored 11 into the third period by Brad Morrison, who put home a rebound off a low shot from Collins.