The Rams are not hiding their Odell Beckham desire.

“Oh yeah, that’s my guy,” star running back Todd Gurley told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday night at a Roc Nation event.

The Rams are the one team that have reportedly talked to the Giants about their interest in Beckham, after trade rumors swirled all week at the NFL owners’ meetings. Giants co-owner John Mara has made it clear that the Giants do not want to trade Beckham, but he has also said no one is “untouchable.”

I used to write letters to Jim McKay in college. “Wide World of Sports” was this travelogue, really, that introduced us to sports and it introduced us to parts of the world that we had never seen before. And no one was a bigger tour guide than Mr. McKay.

His style and command and presence of a studio was such an incredible sight to see. There was an energy about him and a nose for the storyline. He did play-by-play with a studio mentality, knowing what the bigger picture was. He could go beyond the game, which I think a lot of people need to learn. He’s one of the all-timers in being able to frame a moment.

Cooke, 29, ​allegedly barked, “​H​urry up, you Jew,” to an elderly woman in line for the cloakroom at trendy Upper East Side eatery Caravaggio on New Year’s Eve​, sparking a confrontation with the woman’s son​.

The socialite claims she merely said, “Excuse me, I have to get through.”

“She clearly didn’t hear what I said, and immediately screamed at the top of her lungs, ‘She called me a Jew!’” Kent Cooke told Page Six.

The son, Matthew Haberkorn, confronted ​Kent Cooke, and she allegedly bashed him in the head with her heavy, mirrored Perspex clutch.

Kent Cooke has filed a counter-claim against Haberkorn, a personal injury attorney, as she broke her fingers when she fell during the scuffle.

The slim blonde​ ​—​ ​who is charged with second-degree assault​ — cradled her still-cast-encrusted hand during the court appearance, and declined comment as she left.

Caliendo also declined comment.jets_102

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