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Peyton Manning Jersey, Charlize Theron to have honorary roles at Daytona 500

Limited Clay Harbor Jersey NFL great Peyton Manning and Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron are among the luminaries who will be in attendance Sunday at the Daytona 500, the season-opening NASCAR race.
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But history wasn’t on the Eagles’ side coming into this one. There had been six Super Bowl rematches in NFL history before Sunday, but the team that lost the first game has only won a rematch twice 锟斤拷 and one of those teams, the Cowboys, needed a third attempt (and Neil O’Donnell at quarterback) just to beat the Steelers.

That didn’t matter Philadelphia, however. The Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 for their first ever Super Bowl title. In the process, they followed one recent trend: In rematches that have come at least 10 years apart, losing teams are now 3-0 against their former foes.

and the two teams most likely to have satellite bars in outposts across the globe 锟斤拷 have battled in three Super Bowls, with the Steelers coming out ahead in the first two before finally ceding ground 20 years later to a Cowboys team that would win three titles in four years behind the three-headed monster of Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith. Pittsburgh, previously led by Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw, couldn’t ride Neil O’Donnell A. J. Cann Jersey to a clean sweep over Dallas, temporarily denying the franchise its fifth NFL title.

There was not a single shred of doubt on Pederson’s face that he was making that grab. He even looked directly at the person who threw it so smoothly.

This is the most appropriate thing to happen during this parade. It could have been a sloppy toss, Pederson could have gone for the catch with two hands, or even missed the catch entirely.

Of course, this is what Eagles quarterbacks do.

Nick Foles caught a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. Pederson is a former quarterback, so there was no question he was about to catch this. They’re built for it.

The only possible way it could have been better is if he cracked it open and chugged it. Regardless, it was still incredible.

Last year, Patriots owner Robert Kraft told reporters that the quarterback intends to play until he’s 45. That’d be an unprecedented feat for NFL quarterbacks, but so was winning MVP at age 40.