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Josh Sitton, like many players, unsure about new helmet rule

Last week, the NFL unanimously passed a dramatic rule change, broadly banning the lowering of the helmet to initiate contact with an opponent. No one knows what this really means, and no one will know until the league office shares with owners more details about the new rule in the coming weeks and months.

For now, Sitton and the rest of us just don’t know what will happen. But what we do know is that the NFL’s owners heard something last week that sufficiently motivated them to give the league office one of the biggest blank checks the league office ever has had — the ability to craft a rule that could end up being a hiccup or a revolutionary change in how the game is played or anything in between.

However it plays out, bet the over. The league wouldn’t have secretly crafted a broad rule and pushed it quickly through the process without any meaningful external analysis or scrutiny if the league didn’t plan to make this a major change to the game. And it could dramatically change the run game as we know it, since plenty of players in the tackle box lower their helmets to initiate contact.

Marinovich reportedly was arrested on March 19, posted bail, and was arrested again on March 23. He has not been released.

The arrests come at a time when Marinovich remains on probation for a 2016 arrest, which happened when he was found naked in a stranger’s backyard, with a paper bag containing drugs and syringes.

Marinovich returned to football last year, playing in a developmental league at the age of 48. He spent two seasons in the NFL, starting a total of eight regular-season games and one playoff game.

As everyone (including the NFL’s coaches) wait to hear more (anything) about the new rule that prohibits lowering the helmet and initiating contact with it, Jaguars safety Barry Church is concerned that, when the new rule is implemented, it will result in a rash of fouls.buccaneers_101