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Manu Ginobili saves Spurs on Throwback Tuesday

The Spurs had a choice at the end of Game 5 in their NBA playoff series vs. the Rockets: Foul or defend. San Antonio, leading Houston by three, chose to defend.

As the final play developed, it fell to Manu Ginobili to make the stop. Manu Ginobili, 39 years young, who was playing his 31st minute of the game, double his average allotment this postseason.

You should never criticize what other teams are doing. At the end of the day if you are working with an efficient group of guys that are handling their business, then you should take it. But you should also look at, ‘Have we been playing the highest level of teams every single year everybody at full strength?’ before you go and criticize other people.

Authentic Mens Vinny Curry Jersey There’s something that burns them about the fact that Steph is the one that is exalted and because of that they want to go at him and demean his hype, Thompson said. They want to take him down.
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Curry’s teammate Draymond Green responded to this on his podcast Dray Dray.

He’s way more than what everyone expected him to be or ever gave him a shot to be. I think most people looked at it like, 鈥楢h man, this was a, in quotes, privileged kid growing up. Like, how did he become this? He ain’t supposed to become this. It’s supposed to be the guy from the hood that had nothing and had to grind for everything.’