NBA playoffs 2017: One Warriors play could decide the NBA Finals

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One of the problems the Warriors faced in the 2016 NBA Finals was an inability to make the Cavaliers pay for switching pick-and-rolls as easily as they did against teams in the regular season. Because he was dealing with some sort of leg injury, Stephen Curry didn’t have the burst he needed to score on Tristan Thompson and LeBron James consistently in isolation. The Warriors didn’t look to attack the smaller defender in the post, either, because Draymond Green struggles to score with his back to the basket. When Green does get the ball in those situations, the Warriors usually use it as a way for him to facilitate rather than create for himself.

Elite Dale Hunter Jersey As a result, the Cavaliers could comfortably switch Thompson or James onto Curry on the perimeter and live with Kyrie Irving guarding Green. Doing so not only prevented Curry from getting the open looks he thrives on, it also stopped Green from rolling to the basket in the types of four-on-three situations that created countless 3-pointers for the Warriors during the regular season, which helped them neutralize a play many believed was virtually unguardable.

Aside from sitting out Week 1 while learning the offense, Bradford played every game he was slated to start. The Vikings will need him to stay on the field again this season, especially if Bridgewater isn’t ready, because the backup options are Case Keenum and Taylor Heinicke. That’s hardly reassuring to fans and coaches in case Bradford gets hurt again.

At age 29, Bradford isn’t going to learn any new tricks. He’s the same checkdown machine he’s always been, not making the team worse but not really putting it on his shoulders, either. To stay comfortable in his element, Bradford needs a good running game and consistent pass protection. Those were problems, to say the least, for the Vikings last season.

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