Don’t fall behind against Philadelphia and find yourself forced to throw your way back into the game.

Both Tyler Lockett (2.0 OTD) and Paul Richardson (2.9 OTD) caught six passes and went over 100 receiving yards during Sunday’s win against Houston. Of course, Richardson scored two touchdowns and Lockett had none. That’s par for the course this season, as Lockett has still yet to find the end zone, whereas Richardson has been extremely fortunate with five scores. Richardson has scored on 13.9 percent of his 36 looks, which is the league’s fifth-highest mark. Needless to say, he’s a strong bet for regression to the mean. He entered this year with two career touchdowns and a 2.8 OTD.

The lesson gained here: It’ll be a long afternoon.

While the Yankees were still alive, and particularly after the Red Sox had been eliminated by the Astros in the ALDS, Rodriguez loved to brandish his World Series ring in the direction of Ortiz, even though Ortiz owns three times as many. In a backstage prank that became a viral video, Rodriguez attempted to drape a Yankees jacket around the shoulders of his unsuspecting panel mate, who reacted appropriately.

“That was real,” Ortiz says. “I was talking on the phone to my dad about some subject. I thought someone was putting a blanket on me or something—it’s cold in the studio. Until I saw the NY on my shoulder. I was like, ‘Oh s—! Hell no, I ain’t wearing that jacket.’ A-Rod, he used to be the straight-faced kind of a guy. Now he’s having fun.”

DiRico remembers how Taylor joined him in the offensive meeting room at points during the week leading up to the Bills game, as the team had implemented a passing play into their game plan specifically for the linebacker. On Saturday morning, the day the Giants were set to travel to Buffalo, Taylor returned to the facility at 8, emerging from a stretch limousine in a tuxedo.

“He changed everything,” DiRico

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