Ball family union with Lakers looking more and more inevitable

Game Luke Kuechly Jersey Perhaps Celtics team president Danny Ainge was trolling old rival Magic Johnson on Tuesday night when he was asked about UCLA star guard Lonzo Ball, whose father, LaVar, made it clear this spring that his son was all but destined to play for the Lakers. Johnson has hinted he’d be willing to take a gamble on the younger Ball, too.

But Ainge said the Ball family’s wishes will have no impact on how the Celtics will use the top overall pick, which Boston won on Tuesday night at the NBA Draft lottery. The Lakers will pick second.

No, not at all, Ainge said when asked if Ball’s desire to play for the Lakers would affect the Celtics’ decision. We understand that he’s from Los Angeles, but we’re going to draft whoever can help the Celtics regardless of where the players want to play.

Game Reggie Wayne Jersey That was exactly what you wanted to see in the first half if you’re a Spurs fan. (There’s no way you thought it would actually happen, but you’ll take it.) San Antonio shoots 51.2 percent from the field, and every Spurs player except for Simmons has a positive plus/minus rating. The Warriors shoot 35.1 percent, including a surprising 2 of 9 from 3-point range. Golden State has averaged 30 3-point attempts per game in the playoffs. But remember, the Warriors are known for third-quarter explosions. If anyone can close a 20-point gap, it’s this team.

OK, the Warriors are waking up. Golden State strikes back with an 11-0 run capped by a Curry steal and 3-pointer. The Spurs still hold a 46-32 lead, but this is starting to resemble a real game.

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