Andy Dalton has proven to be a good quarterback since entering the league in 2011

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Holograms of Vick pop up as the rider is slowly transported to the playing field. Vick’s voice is played with tips that overlap each other into a bunch of gibberish — that’s how quick his mind moves on the field.

The rider stops. It’s dark and quiet, until the stadium lights come on. The crowd is booming. Instead of a single team on the other side of the offensive line, the games best defensive players are waiting to get after the rider — Brian Urlacher, Derrick Brooks, and Michael Strahan.

It doesn’t matter though, because he’s in Vick’s shoes. It’s 2004, and nobody’s stopping Michael Vick.

Those open field plays are no problem, all it takes is a little shake and bake.

It also wouldn’t be a Vick run if you (or any Falcons fan watching) weren’t concerned that he was going to get rocked at any moment. The rider avoids a couple of punishing hits thanks to some massive blocks.

The Bengals’ quarterback situation is one that doesn’t get close to the same attention as the Patriots’ does for obvious reasons. But they still possess one of the better groups of quarterbacks in the NFL, where backups are more valuable than ever.

Andy Dalton has proven to be a good quarterback since entering the league in 2011 — and has reduced his interceptions by more than half the past two seasons. His backup, AJ McCarron, filled in for an injured Dalton in seven games in 2015, completing 66 percent of his passes for 854 yards and six scores. McCarron was considered one of the more prized quarterbacks for teams to acquire this offseason, but the Bengals decided to hold on to him.

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